Aging Teeth

Aging Teeth

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As we age so do our teeth. It’s important to keep our teeth in tip top shape so that they can help us eat, they can look nice when we smile, and for them to continue to be a vital part of our body! I would like to take this week to talk about a few things to keep in mind with aging teeth.

First tip is to continue to visit your dentist regularly!  With time and chewing, grinding, biting and using our teeth, our pearly whites deal with a lot of wear and tear so it is vital that you see your dentist regularly. One of the major pros to visiting the dentist is that he or she can help detect any larger potential problems like gum disease or oral cancer.

Second tip is to continue to do what you are hopefully doing with oral hygiene!  Brush your teeth twice a day, floss and rinse with mouthwash.  This daily care will take you a long way with oral health!

Third tip is to be aware of acid and its effect on your teeth.  There are a lot of foods and drinks that are high in acids (such as candy and cola) and they can truly damage your teeth and the enamel if consumed repeatedly and over time.

Next up – stains. Over time, with drinking dark beverages such as coffee and tea, and with consuming foods darker in color such as blueberries or cherries, our teeth will discolor. Good news is that to help lessen the effects of stains, there are toothpastes with whiteners and even mouthwashes that help.

Last tip is preventing general wear and tear.  During life you might have needed a filling here or there, a root canal or some dental work done.  Bad news is that most of this work done provides a temporary filling or replacement in our mouth.  If it’s worn down, it will need replaced.  To keep wear and tear at a minimum, try to avoid chewing hard or sticky things such as ice, hard candies, gummy food and things like nuts with shells.  If you can try to avoid some of these types of foods or items, it can help lessen wear and tear.

As a reminder, please continue to visit your dentist on a regular basis.  We hope that dentist is us! If you have any questions about aging teeth, how to prevent wear and tear or any other general questions, please contact us today!

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