Bad Breath?

Bad Breath?


Bad Breath, Who, Me?

We have all encountered those people.  The ones that start talking when we are standing a little too close and whose breath smells like nothing you have ever smelled. It’s rotten.  Sour.  Foul.  And the last thing on your mind is wanting to stay and to talk with them.  Their breath is so bad that after you manage to get away from them, you check your own breath to ensure that you, in fact, were not the one with bad breath.

When you interact with someone that has truly bad breath what can you do to save yourself?  Offer a mint or piece of gum?  Well let’s take a minute to explore where bad breath comes from and how you might be able to help your friend (or friend’s mouth) in need.

Bad breath is a result of what you eat

It’s sad but true.  Some of the items that we eat actually contribute to our bad breath.  When we eat foods such as onion or garlic, the flavors are so strong that our bodies actually emit those smells long after we have ingested them.

Tip:  If you know you will be at a meeting in a small room, or that you are going to a cocktail party, you might want to refrain from really smelly foods!

Bad breath is also a result of what you don’t eat

Have you ever been really hungry?  I mean, stomach gurgling and really, really hungry?  If you said “yes” to this it’s quite possible you had bad breath when were you starving for some food.  Since our breath comes from not only our mouth but from our stomach (as mentioned above with highly scented foods), when you are hungry and there is nothing in your stomach that “empty” smell comes out.

Tip:  Next time you are really hungry and know you will be talking up close and personally, grab a snack!

Bad breath comes from poor oral hygiene

Do you brush your teeth twice daily?  Do you use mouthwash and floss?  If you don’t, then you are contributing to having bad breath. Not cleaning your mouth and ridding it of bacteria and excess food and particles will contribute to build up of bad breath components over time.  The bacteria in your mouth will smell and leave you with an unpleasant odor.

How to prevent bad breath?

Now that you know a few things that contribute to bad breath, how do you prevent it?

–       Brush your teeth twice daily

–       Floss your teeth and rinse with mouthwash daily

–       Try to have a healthy diet

–       See your dentist regularly for checkups

Still have questions about your breath?  Please come and talk to us today. We are ready to help you out.

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