Boom, Crack!

Boom, Crack!


It’s almost the 4th of July and I am sure most of you are heading to a lake house or to a friends barbecue to hang out before watching the fireworks!  It’s always a fun time of year.

That said, being outdoors and hanging with friends usually involves throwing balls around, playing some football, kicking the soccer ball or even hitting the baseball!  Along with “flying balls” comes the possibility of cracked teeth.  Ouch! How do teeth crack and what happens if and when they crack?  Let’s find out!

Why do teeth crack? Sometimes a ball or even a fist can catch our mouth at a precise point that leads to hitting a weak spot on our tooth.  When this happens, a crack…even a small crack…might appear.  Also, teeth, as we age, will also age. They are worn down by our eating, chewing hard objects like ice or hard candy, and through things like decay. When are teeth are worn down, they are more likely to crack. Lastly, sometimes the mere strength of a “hit” will cause a tooth to chip.

What happens when the tooth cracks? When our teeth actually crack, several things can happen. If you have a very minor crack, such as one that is hard to see, you will know you have cracked it by experiencing a sharp pain or having extreme sensitivity to cold and hot. If you happen to see the tooth crack, make sure to see your dentist immediately. A cracked tooth can lead to inflammation, infection or even death of the tooth. Additionally, if there is a sharp edge after the tooth cracks try to put something on it like a small piece of wax so that it does not cut any other parts of your mouth.

What does the dentist do with a cracked tooth? It all truly depends on how bad your crack was. If you have a minor chip, most of the time the tooth can be healed through the use a bonding. This is an easy procedure that can usually be done in one visit. If the chip is more involved, the dentist might have to but on a cap or a veneer.  Sometimes these procedures take more time and are more costly. Another procedure for more serious chips would be a root canal (along with a veneer or cap).

The main point to reiterate is that if you have a chip or crack, you need to see your dentist immediately in order to talk through options.

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