Brushing Basics

Brushing Basics


Brushing basics

There are a lot of messages out there for how many times one should brush their teeth in a day.  Some sources say once is good enough, usually at night.  Others say twice a day is ideal, morning and night.  I have also seen it recommended that brushing after every meal should be your target, no matter how many times a day you eat.  So what is fact and what is fiction and how many times should you brush your teeth a day?  Let’s find out!

Ideally, you should shoot for twice a day, after breakfast and after dinner.  Timing is key since you want to make sure you get any sugars or foods off of your teeth after you eat.  It’s tempting to brush your teeth when you wake up first thing but try to shoot for after your Cheerios.

If you would like to overachieve, brushing after every meal will not hurt you.  This will ensure that any sugars or debris from food is taken immediately off of your teeth. This option is not as convenient for busy people so an alternative to brushing after every meal might be to chew a piece of sugar-free gum, and then give a good brush morning and night. The gum increases your saliva and helps rinse away excess sugars from your teeth.

Another component to weigh in on regarding brushing is that you should never press too hard when you brush. It’s tempting to scrub your teeth to get them “squeaky” clean but this could cause problems.  If you brush too hard, you could wear down you gums and gum line causing pain later down the road.  Make sure you are being gentle!

Lastly, make sure you have the right toothbrush.  I will talk about this on another post, but for now make sure you have the right size for your mouth and the right bristle softness.  A toothbrush that’s too hard will also damage your gums but if it’s too soft, you might not be able to brush away plaque.

There are lots of toothbrush options out there, so we would like to help you find an option that suits your mouth.  Call us today to ask our staff! Additionally, For a limited time, we are offering a FREE* Sonicare Diamondclean Toothbrush (A $219 retail value) with your first visit; including exam, cleaning and x-rays.  Just complete the form below and experience our quality of care.

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