Candy, candy, candy!

Candy, candy, candy!


We love Halloween here at Dallas Dental Concierge but we don’t always love all of the candy that’s consumed along with it. It seems that not only kids are getting tons of candy trick-or-treating but adults along to chaperone are recipients of it as well. Additionally, most offices and business have candy bowls out well in advance of the holiday and invite anyone who walks by the opportunity to have a piece.

That said we know that a lot of candy is being consumed this holiday (and the weeks following!), so we would like to remind you of what candy does to your teeth along with some creative solutions for how to make your candy disappear.

Candy is full of sugar and sugar after being consumed will coat your teeth.  In time, the sugar wears out the enamel (the tough layer on the outside of your tooth) and causes areas of decay. Literally it’s like your tooth begins to disintegrate in certain areas. When the areas of your tooth decay, a cavity will likely form and if left untreated, can cause sensitivity and possibly pain down the road.

If you are one of those types of people that like to enjoy your Halloween candy, please try to do so in moderation.  After you eat some candy, try to rinse of your teeth with some water and brush your teeth.  Additionally, make sure you are flossing your teeth after eating candy since certain candy (especially the caramel or sticky types) love to hide out in between your teeth. In between your teeth is a great area for cavities to form.

Now if you are realizing there is no physical way you or your kids can eat all of the candy you have picked up on Halloween, here are some creative ways to “get rid of it”.

  • Ask your kids “sell” you their candy back to you. For a nickel a piece of candy, buy their candy from them and give them money in return. If you have a lot of candy you might offer $1 a pound.
  • Check out this site and search for your zip code. This company collects Halloween candy and donates it to the troops overseas.
  • Another program similar to above is They will also donate excess candy to the troops.
  • Take your candy to a homeless shelter in your neighborhood.
  • Check for a local church that accepts donated candy – some Churches will include it in Thanksgiving baskets for the homeless

We hope that you enjoyed your Halloween this year!  If part of your post Halloween festivities include getting your teeth checked, please come in and see us today! We will not be upset if you have been eating a lot of candy lately. J

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