Taking care of your kid’s teeth!

Taking care of your kid’s teeth!

Many of you readers have kids. And if you are like me with my kids, when it comes to making sure they are healthy inside and out, I am on it!  I always try to make sure my kids eat healthy foods and wash their hands, but when it comes to their oral healthcare, I have a lot to learn.  I wasn’t sure how to take care of my kids teeth!  I had only been caring after my teeth for years!

That said, this week’s post will be about caring for kids teeth including a few ways that I have learned you can help your kids achieve good oral health.

Kid’s teeth are temporary, let’s not forget about that (only  until they are about 5), but starting them with good hygiene habits from an early age is important. It’s a good idea to purchase a toothbrush and some training toothpaste when your child starts to bud those new teeth, or around 1. At first, I would recommend letting your child explore the new tool.  They might even find that it soothes their gums!  When the child gets to be around a year and a half, try some training toothpaste.  This paste is special for kids and is not harmful if ingested, and it tastes great to them! A win/win!

After your child gets used to the brush and paste combo, start showing them how to hold the toothbrush and how to gently brush their teeth with a circular motion. While it sounds easy, dealing with kids at this age isn’t always so. Hang in there. Try to keep the training session fun. Remember it’s OK if they swallow some paste! Then have them rinse their mouth with some water.  A good goal is to have them brush their teeth once a day.

Another aspect of teaching oral healthcare is by talking to them about how to make healthy food decisions. Everything that goes in to our mouth has to be chewed including candy and sweets. You can creatively tell your kids about how sugar gets stuck on your teeth and how it isn’t good for them (picture action heroes being healthy foods and the bad guys being the sugar).

Lastly, try to use good oral hygiene in front of your kids and be a good role model. We recommend twice a day brushing your teeth, flossing and using a mouthwash. Your kids can see you perform this process and you can share with them how clean and great your teeth feel afterwards!

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