Cheeky Cheek Biting Can Be a Pain – Here’s Quick Relief

Cheeky Cheek Biting Can Be a Pain – Here’s Quick Relief

AllergyBreathCCheek biting is not a very common habit that is found in people. It is a form of addiction that is characterized by a person spontaneously chewing the inner lips. Cheek biting can make your inside cheeks very sore and there’s need for medication. Those who suffer from this condition generally can’t control themselves each time the cheek biting begins.

Habitual cheek biting is normally started if somebody is under stress or anxiety. When chewing the inside of the mouth it relieves tension and stress thus it gives them a hard time in stopping this habit. What most sufferers are not aware of is that when they are biting their cheeks they can do serious harm to their health over the long term. People with cheek biting symptoms don’t take it seriously and it generally takes the person to have hurt their cheeks until they take action on stopping the habit. They are not conscious of the long term effects through continuous repetition, possible cancer.

Cheek Biting Effects

Cheek biting symptoms vary according to the sufferer but the following are the most common: cheek damage, scarred cheeks, bleeding cheeks, red cheeks, and compulsive cheek biting. Chewing on the cheek is likely started from feelings of stress and then if continued can can cause tension in the jaw and grind teeth. This can cause crooked teeth.

The wounds from biting can look similar to canker sores. If a sufferer is experiencing a nerve-racking event in his or her life, the cheek biting will be deeper and more severe. If the sufferer is using cheek biting for stress relief then it harder to stop. That said, there are some great techniques available to break this subconscious habit.

Seeking professional help by consulting professionals and physicians are among the best solutions to take whenever the cheeks are experiencing very serious injuries caused by cheek biting. However, if the sufferer can try antiseptic mouthwash to prevent infections. Sucking on an ice cube or holding in cold water in the mouth could help bleeding stop in case bleeding ensues from biting. If the injuries are sever and bleeding continues it is always a good idea to consult a doctor.

For ways on curing the habit and removing the root cause of anxiety and stress, then visit this cheek biting remedy. Here’s another report that can also help referring to lip biting

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