Chew, chew, chew!

Chew, chew, chew!

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Chew, chew, chew!

We take a bite of something, chew it, swallow it, and move on to the next bite.  We do this over and over until all of our food is eaten. This is a normal way to consume food but what if chewing were difficult or what if you didn’t chew your food enough?  This could lead to a major health risk like choking.  Chewing might seem basic to you but there is a lot more to it!

First let’s talk about the mechanics of digestion.  Chewing is actually the first step in mechanical digestion after you eat something.  This is the process of your teeth grinding up what you have taken a bite of as well as saliva mixing in to allow you to swallow you food.  Next step is chemical digestion.  This is when food leaves your mouth and travels through the esophagus and in to the stomach.  Here your food mixes with enzymes and acids and your food is broken into even small pieces that can be either absorbed as nutrients or pass along as waste.  As you can see chewing, step one, is very important in digestion!

Second, let’s talk about the art of chewing.  I have seen it written that you should chew each bite approximately 8-10 times before swallowing it but ultimately, it depends on the food you are eating.  If you are eating potato salad verses a steak, the potato salad will not need to be chewed as long as the steak.  The pieces that you chew your food in to before swallowing should be small enough to pass through your esophagus without being able to get stuck.  If you are chewing something thicker or sticky, try a drink of water to wash down the food.

Third, let’s talk about the person doing the chewing.  You need to keep age in mind if you are preparing food for someone else.  If you are fixing a meal for a small child, they are still learning to chew and need their food cut in tiny pieces.  Similarly, if you are prepping a meal for the elderly, their chewing abilities are weaker and they have an increased risk for choking so also cut their meal in smaller pieces.

As you can see, a lot goes in to the art of chewing and consuming food.  A final note is that you need to make sure your teeth are in good shape in order to chew your food.  If you have missing teeth, sensitive teeth or sore teeth, please come in to see us so that we can discuss options.  We would not want you to miss a great meal of potato salad and steak due to your teeth!

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