How to clean your retainer

How to clean your retainer



There are a lot of people out there that have retainers for various reasons.  Those of us that have had braces or dental work to move teeth around in our mouth know the importance a retainer.  Because of this reason, I have decided to devote an entire week about how best to clean a retainer. As a goal, if you have a retainer, try to clean it at least once a month.  Bacteria and debris build up over time and let’s be honest, retainers tend to smell after a few uses! Let’s jump in to the ways to get it squeaky clean!

Use toothpaste to scrub your retainer clean. You don’t need a lot of paste, just a pea sized amount, and make sure you brush it well.  After, rinse the retainer and it will be ready for use!

Use a vinegar solution and let your retainer soak for about 5 minutes.  I would suggest using a small bowl and submerging your retainer in vinegar with a little warm water.  After letting the retainer soak, use a toothbrush to scrub it clean. Please don’t keep the retainer in the vinegar for a long period of time because it can actually damage it!

Use a little baking soda and water (making a paste) and use your toothbrush to scrub the retainer. You can even let the solution sit for a few minutes on the retainer before scrubbing it clean with some warm water.

Let your retainer soak in Listerine. Listerine contains quite a bit of alcohol which in turns kills lots of bacteria and microorganisms.  Simply fill a bowl or cup with some Listerine, make sure your retainer is submerged, and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After, rinse your retainer with warm water and brush it off!  Then it will be ready for use.

Use a denture cleaner like Efferdent to clean your retainer!  It might seem like something only those with dentures would use but it’s a great way get your retainer clean.  Simply follow the instructions on the box (typically submerging your retainer in some warm water and dropping in the tablet) and after the fizzing stops, wait about 15 minutes, then remove your retainer, rinse it off and voila!

There are a lot of great ways to clean your retainer so hopefully one or a few of the above you will find easy and effective. Most important is that you remember to clean it about once a month or when it gets to being smelly.  Retainers can be a great way to keep your teeth aligned so I want you to use it as often as possible!

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