Consequences of a Single Tooth Loss

Consequences of a Single Tooth Loss

tooth implant DallasIf you have recently lost a tooth, perhaps through accident, or because an extraction of the tooth was required, then you may wonder whether or not it is worth having a tooth implant in order to maintain your healthy smile.

Many people elect to go through life following tooth extractions without having them replaced, but advancements in dental reconstruction technology means there are several solutions available to replace a missing tooth, and replacing a missing tooth should be given serious consideration as there are a number of drawbacks which can affect your oral health if missing teeth aren’t replaced.

Healthy teeth support each other in your mouth; when one tooth is lost, the support is weakened and so teeth can move in the mouth. This can have an added effect on remaining teeth, as they can begin to work loose. Teeth shift can also affect a person’s bite strength and alignment, and can also alter a person’s speech.

Shifting teeth can also cause discomfort, and may be subject to additional wear and tear. This in turn could lead to teeth becoming chipped or cracked.

While dentures and dental bridges can help conceal a missing tooth, they don’t address the issue of jaw bone and gum tissue degradation, which occurs in instances where a missing tooth leads to the loss of stimulus in the jaw bone and gum tissue. The degradation of these areas of the mouth can undermine the strength and support of healthy teeth, making them loose and could even lead to further tooth loss.

Dental implants, unlike dentures and dental bridges, seek to preserve gum and jaw bone tissue by restoring the stimuli to the area affected by the lost tooth. An implant dentist places a small titanium rod into the patient’s gum tissue which then bonds to the jaw bone. This titanium rod closely mimics the lost tooth’s root, helping maintain the stimulus to the affected area and reducing any loss of gum or bone tissue.

And with a dental crown placed on top of the titanium rod, the end result is a prosthetic replacement that not only preserves oral health, but also rebuilds your smile while looking and behaving as natural teeth. It makes sense that more and more people are turning to tooth implant treatments to regain their smile.

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