Is it best to get dental implants before or after braces?

Is it best to get dental implants before or after braces?

A tooth implant is considered when one or more teeth have been lost due to trauma, disease or decay; or when a permanent tooth fails to come in. The gap resulting from a missing tooth can be resolved permanently with a dental implant. However, there are a few considerations before embarking on this treatment, one of which is whether or not the present biological teeth require straightening.

Dental implants are not appropriate for anyone who has not yet reached bone maturity. For this reason, children dealing with a malocclusion would have braces placed and teeth straightening completed before considering dental implants. 

Dental implants are not appropriate for anyone who has not yet reached bone maturity. 

Dental braces are intended to repair a dental malocclusion, straightening teeth throughout the process. When wearing dental braces, the wires threaded through the brackets affixed to teeth are adjusted over the period of time braces are worn. The purpose is to shift teeth to their correct location over many months.

A tooth implant is a very small device that resembles a screw that is surgically embedded in the gum tissue at the site of one or more lost teeth. The implant is protected over a period of four to six months while it starts to fuse to bone tissue and the surgical area heals. The implant is most often made from titanium as this metal has been determined to contain the ideal properties for fusing to bone.

Over time the implant will become one with surrounding bone tissue providing strength and stability to the final restoration that will be fabricated to cover it. The implant will function much like the root of a natural tooth. Your dentist will be able to match the restoration to surrounding teeth in size, shape and color making the implant blend perfectly with neighboring natural teeth.

Having teeth straightened before the implant process is usually advised. Once the implant is in place, movement of the covering restoration could result in the implant moving which would mean there is nothing to hold the implant or tooth in place any longer.

Another consideration is that a patient thinking about teeth straightening may be able to close gaps resulting from lost or missing teeth sufficiently enough with braces.

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