How can dental implants reduce long-term dental costs?

How can dental implants reduce long-term dental costs?

When you choose a tooth implant to replace a missing biological tooth, you are getting much more than an attractive stand-in. You’re getting an appliance that will stabilize the smile and stand the test of time, with proper care, of course.

Because of the durability of dental implants, patients who choose this tooth replacement method often find that they save money in the long-term.

Unlike other alternatives, like fixed permanent bridges, a tooth implant mimics the biological tooth’s root, anchoring the prosthetic replacement crown into the bone. This helps to keep the replacement crown secure and it holds the jawbone in place.

In comparison, the jawbone will wear away after a bridge is placed or a patient is fitted with a partial denture. Eventually, the jaw can shrink so much that the bridge or partial will no longer fit or look right. When this happens, patients will need to pay for a replacement appliance and may need to do so more than once over a lifetime.

Working with an implant dentist also helps patients limit the costs that they may face associated with subsequent tooth loss. A dental implant represents a stabilizing force in the mouth.

Failing to fill in for the complete structure of the missing tooth, not just the visible crown can result in damage to neighboring teeth. When the root is not replaced, the jaw will continue to erode, and that additional bone loss can jeopardize the other teeth.

Additionally, a bridge compromises the integrity of the healthy natural teeth next to the empty space because it requires that crowns be placed on those teeth to support the pontic. Perfectly good enamel must be sacrificed in order to make room for these crowns, and some patients are uncomfortable with that.

When considering dental implants, be sure to weigh the costs over the rest of your lifetime. If you treat it right, your dental implant can last for decades. Other tooth replacement methods are not necessarily as reliable.

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