Dental Implants: Will my replacement teeth look natural?

Dental Implants: Will my replacement teeth look natural?

When patients need to replace missing teeth, appearance is often a major concern to them, especially when only a few teeth are missing. Many patients express the desire for the replacement teeth to blend in seamlessly with the natural teeth.

A tooth implant does just that. Patients often find that these titanium posts that support prosthetic teeth or arches are indistinguishable from their natural neighbors.

Dental implants are structurally quite similar to biological teeth, including both a root (which is the metal implant itself) and a prosthetic crown.

The dentist inserts the tooth implant into the jaw in an outpatient surgical procedure, and over the course of several months, the implant fuses with the bone as the patient heals.

This characteristic of the tooth implant allows the implant to stand alone, without support from neighboring teeth, which also enhances its natural appearance.

Furthermore, the prosthetic can be made from advanced materials that mimic enamel and can be designed to match the shade and shape of your natural teeth, additionally enhancing your smile’s appearance.

A dentist can place implants in varying scenarios, including for single-tooth replacement or to fill in a gap left by several missing teeth. Implants can even secure an entire prosthetic arch.

Because of the physical link between the implant and the tooth, dental implants also feel natural and they can withstand chewing forces similar to those tolerated by natural teeth.

Keep in mind that there are a range of factors to consider as you make a decision on tooth replacement treatment. The nature of the treatment method, timeline and cost will all be components of the process, so patients need to figure out what will work for them in each of these areas. Be sure to educate yourself on all of your treatment options, whether it is a bridge, denture or dental implant, so that you can make the best choice for you.

Patients who are missing teeth and want a natural-appearing replacement can consider dental implants.

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