Dental Myth Busters!

Dental Myth Busters!

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Dental Office Myth Busters

I have heard it a thousand times…someone can’t go to the dentist or doesn’t want to because of a fear. There are fears that it’s going to hurt, fears that the Dentist will tell them they can’t eat sugar or drink coffee anymore, or even fear that the tools used are too noisy.  Well I am here to tell you that going to the dentist is NOT bad!  It’s actually a fun experience if you go to the right dentist.  Let’s bust a few myths so that when the time comes you will be happy to walk in to our office.

Myth:  My dentist is going to tell me to stop eating and drinking what I love, sugar and coffee!
Answer:  NO!!!!  Absolutely not!  We will not tell you to stop eating or drinking what you love.  What our goal is to do is to educate you about any potential results from eating too much candy or sugar or drinking too much coffee.  Those two things in themselves aren’t bad but over time, excess consumption without proper care of your teeth might lead to a problem.

Myth:  It’s going to hurt!
Answer:  NO!!!  It’s easy for people to think this when they see all of the various tools our office uses.  While it’s true we have a lot of fancy looking devices, they are all safe to use in your mouth and on your teeth.  Trained dental hygienists as well as our dentists go through quite a bit of school to learn how much pressure to apply when working on teeth, where sensitive areas are and how to work with a patient to know exactly how they are feeling.  Also, if any complex dental work needs to be done a topical numbing cream or a shot is used so that the patient doesn’t feel a thing!  It’s that easy.

Myth:  The dentist office is too loud!
Answer:  NO!!!  As technology has progressed so have the various pieces of equipment that dentist’s offices use.  Most of the time,  machinery used is very quiet and if there is ever a noise sensitive to your ears, there are options for helping mask the sound.

See it’s really not bad to go to the dentist. As mentioned earlier, the biggest decision a patient has is to go to the right dentist.  We hope that you will come in and see us soon!

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