Dental Tips

Dental Tips


We here at Dallas Dental Concierge want you to have the healthiest smile and teeth possible. We do hope that you come in and see us so that we can analyze your teeth; however, we also want to share some tips to keep your teeth healthy each day.

One of the best things that you can do to maintain good teeth and oral health is to brush your teeth twice.  Daily. We recommend brushing your teeth with soft bristled toothbrush and with a toothpaste that suits your flavor need.  There are a ton of toothpaste options on the market and as long as what you select is “ADA” approved (American Dental Association) then you are good. The reason we recommend a brush with soft bristles is because using anything too harsh could damage your gums.

We also recommend flossing your teeth daily.  There are a lot of bacteria and microorganisms that are in your mouth and that like to “hide out” in between your teeth. Flossing actually helps remove this “junk” and it essentially reduces your chances of cavities. Simply wrap some floss around your fingers and take a minute to go in between each tooth. Follow this with a swish of mouthwash and your gums (and mouth) will thank you!

Try to avoid sugary and sticky foods such as candy like gummy candy. The sugar could get stuck in your teeth and if left there for any duration of time, can create a cavity. While many candies taste delicious, it is better to grab a piece of fruit instead and skip out on the candy.

One more category to avoid in excess is drinks such as coffee, tea, or wine that discolor your teeth. Over time these beverages will diminish the white appearance of your teeth so it’s recommended that you avoid them. Water is the best drink you can have!

Lastly, as mentioned at the beginning of this week’s blog, come in and see us. Allow us to look at your set of teeth and to recommend how to best care for them. We are here to help answer questions and to make sure you have the best (and healthiest) teeth.

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