Will dentures affect my speech?

Will dentures affect my speech?

We often take our teeth for granted when it comes to our ability to speak, but the teeth actually play a very important role in our speech. When the teeth are lost, speech is another consideration in getting a suitable appliance to replace them. Your dentist can advise you on which method and device will best preserve your speech.

In fact, patients who are being fitted for dentures often ask if the appliances will interfere with their speech. The truth is that remaining edentulous (toothless) will actually compromise your speech more than getting dentures will.

By filling in for your absent teeth, dentures provide some support to the facial structures. When the dentures are supported by dental implants, they offer even more structural stability because they also help to hold the jawbone in place. The jaw will wear away in the absence of a replacement for the tooth’s root.

Dentures help to preserve normal speech by providing a structure that works in concert with the tongue, lips and other oral structures to produce words. Although some patients may have a little trouble adjusting to the devices at first, once you get accustomed to your dentures, it’s unlikely that you’ll have many, if any, slip-ups in your speech.

The quality of the appliance matters, too. When pursuing dentures, select a dentist who will carefully review your case and your facial structures, putting an ample amount of time into designing a custom-crafted set of dentures that will offer a good fit.

There are a number of motivating factors for getting a good denture, in addition to the speech concern. The smile’s appearance has a significant effect on your self-esteem, and a good set of dentures can improve your chewing function, especially when they are supported by dental implants.

Your teeth have important roles in your overall well-being, and an attractive smile is a great asset, too. You can still preserve your appearance and functionality with a lifelike set of dentures that can fool even the savviest observer.

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