How to Determine if Dental Implants Are Right for You

How to Determine if Dental Implants Are Right for You

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Losing teeth due to a traumatic event, dental decay, or infection is never pleasant. The inability to eat favorite foods, speak clearly, and smile happily may impact your quality of life. Dental implants are a solution that can restore your dentition as close to your natural teeth as any other treatment available. A consultation with an implant dentist will help you determine if dental implants are right for you.

A discussion about your overall health will be needed to make sure you are healthy enough to undergo the surgical aspect of treatment, as well as to make sure you are capable of keeping the implant area clean throughout the healing period to prevent infection.

A thorough dental exam complete with x-rays follows. Other considerations given to aspects of your dental health include: is there sufficient bone strength where the implant is to be placed; is the patient committed to care for the implant to prevent infection; is the patient willing to discontinue tobacco use (if applicable); and will the patient keep all needed appointments and follow instructions given to help ensure a successful outcome?

The dental implant process can be lengthy. Once ready to proceed, your implant dentist will  embed the titanium post in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. If bone strength requires augmentation, this may increase treatment time.

Titanium is the metal of choice as titanium has been proven to resist rejection; and bone grafts to this metal so thoroughly that the implant will ultimately become a permanent part of the dental anatomy providing a solid base to support the restoration that will eventually cover it.

While bone is grafting to the implant (a process referred to as osseointegration), the surgical area is healing. The implant dentist will have the final restoration fabricated to match surrounding teeth in size, shape, and color so the result will be so natural no one will be able to tell your natural teeth from your implanted tooth.

Caring for a dental implant is easy. You will brush and floss every day, and regular appointments for cleaning and a dental exam will include an inspection of your implant to make sure it continues to provide you with the ability to eat all the foods you love, speak without fear of slipping dentition, and smile with renewed self-confidence.  

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