Will it be difficult to eat with a partial denture?

Will it be difficult to eat with a partial denture?

Any major change in dental anatomy requires adjustment. When one or more teeth are lost, learning how to chew certain foods requires the patient to learn to eat differently. The same learning curve applies when trying to eat with new partial dentures.

The purpose of a partial denture is to supplant the loss of one or a couple of teeth. A partial denture can be removable or fixed. A fixed denture is permanently attached to the healthy teeth on either side where tooth loss has occurred. When a denture is fixed, or permanently attached, learning how to eat with it in place is imperative.

A removable partial denture is easily taken out and replaced. There may be some foods where the patient may be more comfortable removing the partial before partaking. But leaving the partial in while eating can be accomplished if you remember a few rules:

  • Eating soft foods is generally never a problem so you can enjoy them without much thought.
  • Chewier foods like meat can be enjoyed, but should be cut into small manageable pieces. Don’t always naturally chew on the side opposite the partial denture. Learn to chew all foods on both sides, but you need to be cognizant of hard, tough or chewy foods and know your limitations.
  • Never try to eat sticky foods like caramel with your denture. You are asking for trouble.
  • Biting down on hard or crunchy food with your denture can do as much harm as a tough cut of meat. Remember your partial is being held in place with metal framework that is attached to your teeth. This framework can bend or break if too much pressure is exerted.
  • Do not try to make adjustments or repairs to your partial denture on your own. If you are experiencing discomfort for any reason, contact your dentist for needed adjustments.
  • Your removable partial should be soaked overnight to keep the soft plastic pliable and comfortable. A recommended denture soak will maximize the appearance and life of your partial.
  • Brush the gum tissue while brushing your natural teeth before putting in your partial. This will help keep gum tissue healthy and stimulated, while providing the most comfortable fit for your partial denture.

Learning to be comfortable with your new partial can provide years of smiling, speaking, and eating pleasures with minimal adjustment. If you have additional questions regarding your partial denture, contact our experienced dental team at Dallas Dental Concierge to schedule a consultation.

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