Emergency Dental Trip!

Emergency Dental Trip!

Dental Emergencies!

Believe it or not, dental “emergencies” happen quite often.  They are nothing to be alarmed over since they are usually easily treatable (and fixable). The trouble is that our teeth are constantly on display for everyone to see…every minute of every day…forever.  When we have something go wrong with our smile we are anxious to get it fixed immediately!  It’s a dental emergency.

That said; let’s talk about what types of dental “emergencies” there are and then how to prevent them.

One dental emergency is when a tooth is chipped.  It can be any tooth that ends up with a piece off of it, literally a chip.  This is a common occurrence especially in athletes including gymnasts and cheerleaders, mainly due to the possibility of a ball hitting them, being kicked, or even falling on an apparatus that is a hard enough to chip a tooth, thought it can happen to anyone.

Another dental emergency is to knock a tooth out. As you might have guessed this happens when someone is (usually) hit in the mouth dislodging a tooth.  It can be any tooth that gets knocked out but the likely ones are our smaller teeth in the front.  This is due to the fact they are smaller and typically have fewer roots holding them in.

A final type of dental emergency is an acute toothache.  These can be especially painful and although they might not be apparent to an onlooker, they hurt!  These are typically caused by a filling being pulled out, a filling falling out or a chip that exposes a nerve.

Now let’s explore a few ways on how to prevent an emergency dental visit.

First – never open anything with your teeth; always open packages, bottles, etc. with scissors or a bottle opener.  It might be more convenient to use your teeth but our teeth aren’t made to open things, they are made to eat and to chew our food.  Putting pressure on your teeth in this way could cause a chip or a toothache.

Second – use caution with sports!  Always wear a mouth guard if you are playing a sport, especially one like soccer or football where there is a chance a ball could come in contact with your face (and teeth)!

Third – be aware of your surroundings.  If you are a sporting event where this is a chance of a ball hitting you, be aware!  If you are drinking out of a glass bottle, be aware that if someone hits your hand your bottle might end up chipping a tooth!

If you do have any concerns about your risk for dental emergencies or if you have any of the above happen to you, please call us to schedule an appointment.  We arehappy to make sure your smile has a complete set of teeth and that those teeth are pain free!

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