Feeling self-conscious about your smile?

Feeling self-conscious about your smile?

A smile is supposed to signal happiness and joy, but for some people an unattractive grin brings on disappointment and despair. If you fall into that category, a cosmetic dentist can work with you to give you the smile that you long for.

Your cosmetic dentist has access to a variety of treatments and tools that can help to enhance the smile’s appearance. These methods can be used individually to make relatively minor improvements or in combination as part of a complete smile makeover.

Some treatments can make major improvements in the smile in a short timeframe. The effects of porcelain veneers, for example, are visible in just a matter of weeks. The tooth-shaped shells can be used to conceal chips, cracks and stains or even to straighten out a slightly misaligned stretch of teeth. They’re usually ready to be placed a few weeks after the initial planning appointment.

Teeth whitening can have a drastic impact in even less time – possibly as little as an hour, depending on the system chosen by the patient. ZOOM! in-office whitening uses special lasers to activate the bleaching gel placed on the teeth, leaving them several shades whiter in a single appointment.

Patients who are willing to wait a little longer for whiter, brighter teeth can use bleaching gels in custom-made trays worn at home while they sleep.

Tooth-colored fillings offer the patient another relatively simple intervention that can be completed in a single appointment with your dentist. If you have older style amalgam fillings that are noticeable whenever you open your mouth, swapping them out for composite ones can significantly improve your smile.

Other treatments are just as valuable to the smile, but they require an investment of a little more time (and patience) on the patient’s part. Dental implants can be used to fill in an unsightly gap left behind by a tooth lost to decay or injury, but they do require a surgical procedure and then several months to heal fully afterward.

For patients with severely crowded or crooked teeth, Invisalign will be beneficial. This system improves on traditional orthodontia because it straightens the teeth with a series of clear, plastic trays. The realignment takes place over the course of 12-18 months, but patients can see the results in real-time.

A number of treatments are available to improve your smile. Talk to our experienced and dedicated team at Dallas Dental Concierge to see which ones might be advantageous for you.

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