Floss? Who…me?

Floss? Who…me?


“Floss…who… me?”  Yes, YOU!  I know no one likes to floss but let’s face it.  It is one of those really important things that we all know we should do but that we don’t actually do.

If there is one excuse there are a thousand of why you don’t (or can’t) floss.  I’m too tired, my teeth are too close together, I don’t have food in between my teeth, it hurts my fingers, it takes too much time, etc.  Well now it’s time you know all of the benefits that flossing can bring and start making flossing a habit!

Flossing goes where no brush has been

Flossing goes in between your teeth where a brush and mouthwash are not able to go.  The benefit in getting the floss in those nooks and crannies is to remove plaque, bacteria and anything else lingering that shouldn’t stay in your mouth.

Flossing helps to prevent other gum issues

When you floss, you help remove additional bacteria by your gums (that area below your tooth that’s red).  By doing this, it helps to prevent gum disease and problems like gingivitis.

Flossing helps to prevent other diseases

Flossing isn’t the silver bullet to fix all things but it can help prevent a lot of other potential issues.  The bacteria that lives in between our teeth, that tend to build over time, can contribute to issues such as heart disease, gum disease, diabetes and more.

Flossing helps your breath

If you have bad breath, the issue might not be the fact you haven’t brushed your teeth recently.  The larger issue actually comes from…once again…the bacteria in your mouth.  It can cause your breath to smell.  Many people mistake bad breath for a need to rinse with mouthwash but next time, grab your floss instead.

Flossing helps make your trip to the Dentist a little faster

Tartar builds up on our teeth over time.  When you visit the dentist, one of the routines they perform during a cleaning is to get rid of the tarter.  When you floss, it helps clean off tartar and thus makes your trip to the dentist a little faster (and easier)!

It’s easy to see why flossing is so beneficial for not only your mouth and oral health but also for your general health as well!  So what do you say?  Let’s take the time today, after brushing your teeth, using your mouthwash…then grab the floss.  Give it a whirl.  Start somewhere.  Ultimately, make it a part of your daily ritual and hopefully it will become a habit!

If you are interested in talking about further benefits of flossing or even how to floss, please contact us at Dallas Dental Concierge.

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