Don’t forget to floss!

Don’t forget to floss!


I get it.  Flossing can be one of those “things” that you forget to do…all the time.  Maybe you floss your teeth a few days before going to the dentist just to say that “you are flossing”, but deep down you know  that flossing isn’t something that you remember to do daily.

The goal of this week’s post is to remind you why it’s important to floss and then to provide you with some tips to make flossing easier and maybe more fun!

First, I would like to remind you why flossing is so important.

When we chew food, it gets pushed down in to our teeth including in between our teeth.  As we go throughout our day, the residual food that was previously shoved in between our teeth sits there and can cause issues in and on our teeth including cavities and sensitivities.

When we floss each night, it helps dislodge the food in between our teeth that can later be brushed away with toothpaste or rinsed away with mouthwash. This keeps the areas in between our teeth clean and clear which helps improve our overall oral care.

Now that we have reminded you why flossing is important, here are a few tips to make flossing easy and fun.

  • If you don’t like using traditional floss wrapped around your fingers, purchase floss sticks. These are inexpensive alternatives to traditional floss that might be easier to use!
  • If you don’t mind the traditional technique for flossing, there are various flavors that might make flossing tastier! Try cinnamon or mint next time you purchase your floss.
  • Make flossing a part of your routine each time you brush your teeth. Floss, brush, and then rinse with mouthwash. Make it as if it was a habit and you won’t think twice about flossing!
  • Have a family member join you. When it’s time to floss and brush your teeth, do so at a sink with a family member.  Comments on each other’s technique and make it a fun time!

Flossing really can be a quick and easy (and fun!) task that can make a big difference in your oral healthcare.  If you have any questions about flossing or your teeth, please contact us today.

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