Healthy bones and teeth

Healthy bones and teeth

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Often when we think of maintaining healthy teeth we think of eating dairy, brushing our teeth twice daily, using dental floss, perhaps swishing with an occasional cup mouthwash and possibly to reduce our sugar intake.  While all of these are general ways to maintain a happy and healthy mouth, we sometimes overlook the fact that our bones, our mouth and our teeth are related!  We need to make sure we have healthy bones and this in turn will enhance the health of our teeth.

One factor that is associated with bones and bone health is a disease called osteoporosis.  This is a condition that deteriorates your bones and makes them thin and weak. Our teeth, although they are not made of bone, are rooted in our jaw and that’s made of bone.  If you get osteoporosis, there might be an increased chance of tooth loss due to the fact the jaw is weak and thin.

One way that you can help prevent osteoporosis is to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D and calcium in your diet.  Sources of vitamin D include direct sunlight, dairy, milk, cereals (fortified with vitamin D), eggs and others.  Good sources for calcium include dairy products as well as non-dairy products like almonds, broccoli, spinach, salmon, black beans, okra and others.

Outside of eating healthy, other ways to keep your bones and teeth healthy include maintaining a healthy weight, being active, not smoking, taking care of your teeth (brushing, flossing, etc.) and making sure you check in with your dentist regularly.  Come in and see us today!

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