Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

Imagine how challenging life could be without your teeth. You would encounter difficulty chewing and even speaking properly. Now think about how many times each day you open and close your mouth to yawn, talk, and eat or drink. With regular checkups and cleanings, coupled with following healthy dental habits, your teeth can last a lifetime. However, patients who do not practice good oral hygiene habits or visit their dentist regularly are highly susceptible to developing serious tooth decay and gum disease. Below are a few important tips to help you establish healthy dental habits.

Brush regularly – You should brush your teeth at least two times each day, preferably in the morning and just before bed with ADA-accepted toothpaste that contains fluoride. The way you brush your teeth also matters. The ADA recommends that you avoid brushing too vigorously and instead brush in slow, soft circular motions along your teeth, tongue, and gums to thoroughly remove plaque and debris.

Floss at least once a day – As one of the most important components of oral hygiene, flossing daily helps keep periodontal disease at bay. Because brushing your teeth does not reach all the surfaces and crevices of your teeth, flossing thoroughly will clean between your teeth and disrupt colonies of bacteria along the gum line that contribute to plaque buildup, which can ultimately harden into tartar.

Drink Water – For optimal oral health, drink water after meals and throughout the day to help rinse your mouth of debris left behind by food particles and dilute acids which erode tooth enamel.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly – Did you know that a dental checkup could save more than your teeth and gums? It could potentially save your life. During oral examinations, your dentist will thoroughly look for signs of oral cancer which can form anywhere inside your mouth or on your lips. Professional cleanings are important, too. Tartar, which contributes to gum disease, can only be removed by special tools that dental hygienists use. Visiting your dentist regularly also helps address oral health problems before they advance, which could save you time and money in the future.

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