Herbal remedies for your mouth

Herbal remedies for your mouth


In this day and age we are all trying to be as healthy as we can in every way including drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, buying organic products and doing things “naturally”.  Did you know that there are dental remedies that are natural and organic?  Let’s go over what they are!

Clove is used for teeth when you have a toothache or a sensitive area.  The oils in clove are anti-inflammatory and can help alleviate a lot of pain!  To use clove on your teeth, mix 2-3 drops with ¼ tsp of sesame oil and then use a Q-tip or cotton ball to apply it to your tooth. The recommendation is to use it at night before bed.

Salt is also a beneficial natural remedy for tooth issues.  Salt, when it is mixed with some warm water and swished in your mouth for 1 minute, helps with a landslide of problems such as easing pain, reducing any inflammation and killing bacteria.  This remedy is also common among young kids after they pull a tooth out of their mouth.  Just swish some salt water to reduce pain and to clean the area.

Garlic can help reduce cavities and it is also an ant-inflammatory.  You will need to make a paste to apply it to your tooth or teeth that hurt.  Simply mix a few cloves (3-4) with ¼ tsp of rock salt (mix these until they are a paste).  Garlic is also good for your gums so consuming it can prove healthy. You can purchase garlic at any grocery store.

Licorice has been proven to help reduce plaque and to reduce bacteria that causes cavities. In order to benefit from this herb, sprinkle some licorice powder on your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual and as often as usual (twice a day). It might be tempting to eat licorice but remember that’s licorice candy and not intended for dental / oral healthcare support.

Turmeric is the last herb on our list.  It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help reduce plaque and chances for cavities. To use turmeric, simply sprinkle some on your infected tooth (or teeth), leave it on for a few minutes then rinse it off with some warm water.

It’s truly amazing how herbs that you probably have in your kitchen can be used in a new and creative way to benefit your oral health. It’s also nice to know that these are natural remedies! If you have any questions about them or how to improve your general oral health please come in to see us!

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