Lip Health

Lip Health

Beautiful Smile

When you smile one of the first aspects people notice are not only your teeth, but your lips as well!  It doesn’t take a lot to keep your lips healthy so let’s find out how to make sure you are on track to great lips!

First, have you noticed that lips can be different colors?  By this I don’t necessarily mean because of lipstick or being one race or another, I mean due to other things.  Such as blue-ish lips.  Or out of the normal red and bright lips.  If your lips are blue, this could be a sign of oxygen deficiency.  If you have a cold or cough, make sure you are able to take deep breaths and if you are having a hard time breathing, seek medical help.  Similarly, if your lips are bright red or even swollen, this could be a result of an allergic reaction and could also warrant medical attention. Your lips should be similar to your color of race.

Second, lips can be smooth or cracked, dry or moist. Ideally your lips should be smooth and moist and if they are not, you might be dehydrated.  Not having enough water can wreak havoc on our skin including our lips so make sure you are getting enough water.  Additionally, make sure you are moisturizing your lips several times a day with a lip balm like Aquaphor or ChapStick, especially in the winter.  Bonus points if you find a lip balm with an SPF in it to protect you from the sun!

Last, do your lips have any cracks or sores on them?  Let’s hope not but if you do, here are a few possible situations.  If you have cracks in the corners of your lips, it might be due to dietary issues such as a Vitamin D deficiency.  If you have cracks, do a quick evaluation of your recent diet to see if you have been eating too much of one thing.  Another potential concern might be an ulcer.  This could be a cold sore. If it is, this is a viral issue and you will need to talk with your doctor about the best treatment for it.  In the meantime for both of these concerns, use a mild lip balm and try not to touch your lips.

This is a quick overview of lip care and possible concerns but if you still have any questions, please call us today to discuss!  We are here to help you.

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