Love Your Mouth!

Love Your Mouth!


Love your mouth!

We all love things.  We love food, we love people, we love friends, we love our pets, and the list goes on.  Most of us also love to look at ourselves in the mirror with the thought of …”wow, I look good!” I know you are laughing but I also know I am right!  We spend a lot of time making ourselves look good so let’s make sure you are spending some of that time on your oral health.

Let’s go over the basics:

1)       Brush your teeth twice daily.  By doing this, it helps clean your mouth of food, sugar, particles, bacteria and things that don’t belong.  Your teeth, your gums and your friends will thank you for doing this.

2)       Floss your teeth daily.  Flossing is vitally important to your gums and to not only for your oral healthcare but for your breath as well. As I discussed in a previous blog about flossing, this activity removes bacteria, food stuck in between your teeth and plaque.  You need to floss in order to get where no toothbrush can so that your mouth will be clean, clean, clean!

3)       Use a mouthwash!  It’s a good idea to rinse with a mouthwash once a day.  The combination of bacteria fighting fluids in most mouthwashes and other “good” ingredients will help to further clean your teeth, gums, tongue and mouth.

4)       Eat right!  I know its Valentine’s Day and we all love our chocolate and candy, but please keep in mind moderation is key.  If you have a few sweets with your valentine make sure to brush your teeth well.  Also, generally eating healthy (outside of Valentine’s Day) is a good idea.  It will keep your mind, body and mouth happy.

5)       Come in and see us for regular checkups.  Our office has various hours during the week to meet the needs and demands of various types of patients.  Please come and see us at least once a year for a routine cleaning and exam so that we can keep a close watch on your pearly whites.  We are here to help you maintain the cleanest and healthiest teeth possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to love your mouth!

Have questions about your oral healthcare?  Please come and talk to us today. We are ready to help you out.

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