Protect Your Mouth

Protect Your Mouth



We love our mouth and because of that we need to protect it!  There are various ways that we can protect it so I would like to review a few of them!

First when you think of protecting your mouth you might think of a typical type protection, like a sun screen or a lip balm.  This is a great first line of defense.  There are many different types of sun screen and lip balm combinations to select from at your local grocery or convenience store.  You should always aim to have a minimum of an SPF of 15 or more.  Keep your lip balm tucked in your pocket and don’t forget to re-apply during the day. Each time you eat or drink something, it will come off and you don’t want to leave your lips without anything on them!

Another way to protect your mouth, especially if you are athletic, is through a mouth guard. These are small and typically plastic devices that protect our teeth from potentially being hit by a ball or a person or something extreme!  Mouth guards can be purchased at a sporting goods store.  They work by the user warming up the guard (usually in hot water) and then after letting it briefly cool, placing it in your mouth over your teeth and biting down. This allows your teeth to “mold” to the guard so that after the mold cools, you are left with a snug and form fitting guard.  Wearing a mouth guard is essential in contact sports such as basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, field hockey and others!

A final way to help protect your mouth that is already in place is your saliva!  That’s right!  The clear liquid that’s in your mouth and sloshing around as we speak.  Interestingly enough we don’t need to do much to produce saliva besides eating and chewing.  The more often and harder we chew the more saliva is produced.  Saliva contains water and enzymes needed to break down our food – since we ultimately swallow our saliva with our food! Additionally, saliva helps prevent bad breath and helps prevent tooth decay.  There are many reasons that saliva is good for our mouths so let’s make sure we have plenty of it!  To do this, remember to stay hydrated with my favorite substance…water.

There are others ways to keep your mouth protected but these are the top three that I wanted to share with you!  Wearing lip balm with sun screen, wearing a mouth guard when playing contact sports, and staying hydrated (to keep up our saliva production) are vital to a healthy and happy mouth!

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