What Protection Does a Custom Mouthguard Provide?

What Protection Does a Custom Mouthguard Provide?

If you play sports like football, basketball or soccer, which pose the risk of collisions and facial trauma, you need to protect your mouth from resulting damage. An injury that leaves you in need of a root canal, or worse missing a tooth altogether, is sure to take away the fun of being on the field or court.

Custom mouthguards are crafted based on the unique structures of the patient’s mouth.

The best way to avoid bad outcomes is by wearing a mouthguard over your upper teeth. Athletes have many options when it comes to protecting their teeth, but the most effective is a custom-crafted insert designed by a dentist.

In gathering information for your mouth piece, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth. The lab that creates your insert will use those models, leading to a device that is uniquely suited to best fit you.

Not only can the high-quality devices prevent dental problems, some research suggests that they may offer some protection from concussions, as well.
When a dentist is involved in shaping an insert, its fit is far superior to alternatives that can be purchased at a sporting goods store. Custom mouthguards are crafted based on the unique structures of the patient’s mouth.

Alternatively, over-the-counter guards are either one-size-fits-all or boil-and-bite, and neither method offers a particularly good fit.

Of course, many elite athletes already wear these types of guards. Even if you’re just a weekend warrior, though, it’s wise to invest in a custom piece to wear while you are at play. Custom-designed mouthguards offer superior comfort in comparison to stock and boil-and-bite models, which means that they won’t affect your performance.

Patients who wear braces get extra benefits from wearing an insert while participating in sports. In these patients, the mouthguards prevent damage from the orthodontic appliances in addition to the instigating trauma.

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