Restore Your Smile with Custom Dentures

Restore Your Smile with Custom Dentures

Losing permanent teeth can have devastating effects on anyone. Whether due to trauma, decay or disease, having to go through life without one or more natural teeth can result in big lifestyle changes in how and what we eat, speaking in public, and trying to keep smiling and maintaining a positive attitude. One way to overcome these concerns is with dentures customized specifically for you.

There are several types of dentures depending on one’s needs. When one tooth is lost, and the adjacent teeth are healthy a fixed partial denture may offer the optimum result. The two teeth on either side of the lost tooth are referred to as the abutment teeth and they are prepared as if they were getting dental crowns. The tooth between the abutment teeth is referred to as a pontic.

The three unit denture is made from material that is molded to match the contour and color of the remaining teeth to offer the most natural appearance possible. The abutment teeth are permanently cemented providing a fixed partial denture that is now part of your dental anatomy.

A more economical approach offers a removable partial denture. It is designed to be affixed with metal clasps or supports, and is often removed to eat and during the night. Keeping the denture material pliable is important to a comfortable fit so soaking the partial during the night is customary, and is also helpful in reducing stain if used with a designated denture soak.

For patients who have lost their entire upper or lower arch of teeth, a complete denture may be recommended. With many different options available, a consultation with your dental professional will guide you to your best solution.

No matter what your situation and the choice you opt for, there are likely to be needed adjustments. As with any new appliance in your mouth, it takes time to get used to it being there. A return visit to the dentist for simple tweaks to your new denture should be anticipated as well.

What you can expect from your custom denture is a feeling of renewed self-confidence. Your new smile will show the joy you’ll feel now that you can speak, smile and eat knowing that your dental concerns have been addressed and your tooth loss is in the past.  To make an appointment and discuss your denture options, call the office of Dr. Melisa Christian today.