Back to school myth busters

Back to school myth busters

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It’s back to school for so many during this time of year!  It’s a season of new teachers, new topics, new (and old) friends and a time for yearly physicals!  That said, when you think about going to the doctor to make sure you or your kids (and even yourself) are up to date on vaccinations and wellness, don’t forget to be up to date on your dental visits as well.

It is recommended you visit your dentist two times per year. Going to see your dentist is a fun adventure but many times people don’t want to go because of fears of what might happen. That’s why this week we are reminding you of some dental myths and we are going to bust them (from our prospective here at Dallas Dental Concierge) so that you have no fears when you schedule your visit.

Myth:  My dentist is going to tell me to stop eating and drinking what I love!
Answer:  Busted! We will not tell you to stop eating or drinking what you love.  Our goal is to educate you about any potential results from eating too much candy or sugar or drinking too much coffee.

Myth:  It’s going to hurt!
Answer:  NO!  It’s easy for people to think this when they see all of the various tools a dentist office uses.  While it’s true we have a lot of fancy looking devices, they are all safe to use in your mouth and on your teeth.  Trained dental hygienists as well as our dentists go through quite a bit of school to learn how much pressure to apply when working on teeth, where sensitive areas are and how to work with a patient to know exactly how they are feeling.

Myth:  The dentist office is so loud!
Answer:  NO!  As technology has progressed so have the various pieces of equipment that dentist’s offices use.  Most of the time,  machinery used is very quiet and if there is ever a noise sensitive to your ears, there are options for helping mask the sound.

Myth: It’s going to take a long time
Answer: NO!  Going to the dentist office doesn’t take longer than a normal physical would.  Common procedures as a part of preventative care including the dentist looking at each tooth, taking some potential x-rays, cleaning your teeth, removing any plaque and tarter, and talking about care of your mouth.  That’s it. We do recommend that you arrive on time and we will try to have you checked out as quickly as possible.

We hope that by busing some of the common myth’s people have towards going to the dentist you will schedule your back to school visit today!  We are happy to answer any questions you have and are ready to get your smile ready for a new school year.

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