Sensitive teeth?

Sensitive teeth?


Are your sensitive?

This question can go a lot of different ways but the way I’m asking is the oral sensitivity way. Does the thought of biting into an ice cream cone or sipping on some hot coffee give you goosebumps?  Have you lost the ability to eat an ice cream sandwich?  If you answered “yes” to one of those questions, it might not be you, it might be your teeth.  You could have sensitive teeth!

Sensitive teeth are actually quite common.  Many people from all ages complain of extreme sensitivities to hot and cold when it comes to their teeth.  It’s not a comfortable thing and can leave you cutting out food items (or dessert items) from your diet.

Let’s talk about two aspects of sensitive teeth.

First is how do teeth “get” sensitive.  The short answer… wear and tear.  The longer answer is that our teeth are made of several layers including, enamel on top, then cementum in the middle (below the gums), then dentin (around the root of the tooth).  The dentin layer has little tubes that expose nerves so when the other two layers (the enamel and the cementum) are worn down, hot and cold quickly reach the dentin.  Yikes! No wonder those sensitivity pains are so sharp.

Second, let’s talk about some ways to help alleviate sensitive teeth.   There are lots of “sensitivity” toothpastes for sale that are a relatively cheap and easy way to help you out.  Additionally, fluoride can be purchased and brushed on the teeth.  This helps strengthen the outer layer (the enamel) and reduces chances for sensitivity.  Lastly, we have some options in our office to help you out such as a crown or a bonding.

Please contact us to discuss options today.  Our goal is to get you back to eating the foods you love, hot and cold, as quickly as possible.

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