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It’s All About Dental Sedation

Does visiting the dentist make you anxious? You’re not alone. Dental fear is a common phobia that keeps about 50% of Americans from getting the dental care they need. Dr. Christian understands that dental phobia is real and often debilitating. Some patients experience only mild dental anxiety, but it results in years of avoiding dental appointments. A dentist certified in oral conscious dental sedation, Dr. Christian can help you overcome dental phobia and anxiety so you can receive the care you need with complete peace of mind.

Sedation dentistry alleviates anxiety so you can face dental treatments with confidence. There are three levels of dental sedation our office uses to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.  Each of the following sedation levels is based upon your needs, comfort level and medical history.

Light Sedation (Laughing Gas)

Another option for sedation dentistry in Dallas is for Dr. Christian to administer an inhaled sedative through a mask. The medication is known as nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas.” You breathe through the mask just before your procedure.  Dr. Christian may administer  more as needed throughout your procedure. With inhaled sedation, you will be awake but in a very comfortable, dreamlike state, and you may not remember much from your procedure. In some cases, inhaled sedation is used in combination with oral sedation.

Medium Sedation (Sedative Pill)

For many patients, oral medication will be enough to relieve their anxiety. You’ll be prescribed one pill of a sedative ahead of time. On the day of your appointment, you take this pill about an hour before your appointment time. This will give the medication time to start working.  During your appointment, you’ll feel very relaxed and more calm than usual.

Moderate Sedation (Intravenous (IV))

This is the strongest option, for those with severe dental anxiety. This is also a very common option for more extensive dental procedures that usually require several visits.  Frequently, we can complete all your dental work in just one appointment using this level of sedation. IV sedation involves putting medication directly into a vein. You’ll be completely relaxed and only semi-conscious with this type of sedation dentistry, and will remember nothing from your procedure. We partner with a doctor licensed in IV sedation, and our office will make all the arrangements to ensure the IV doctor is in our office for the entire treatment.  We tailor the sedation dentistry to your specific needs and monitor you closely to assure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

For both medium and moderate sedation, arrange transportation to and from your appointment.  We provide full pre-surgical instructions for all our sedation dentistry patients, so you can be prepared for your procedure.  If fear of the dentist keeps you from the dental care you need and deserve, call our Dallas Texas office or fill in our contact form to learn how sedation dentist Dr. Christian and Dallas Dental Concierge can help ease you through any procedure. Sedation dentistry is one more way that we give you 5-star concierge service.