Smile, It’s Summer!!

Smile, It’s Summer!!

Smile!!  It’s summer!  It’s hard to believe it’s already August!  That means it’s the last month of “summer”.  It’s time to enjoy every moment in the sun and time to smile every chance you get because it’s the best season of the year (in my opinion!).

We are taking a break this week from a dental topic and are instead going to cover a few reasons that you can smile and show off your pearly whites during this last summer month.  Let’s go!

SUN!!  The sun.  Who doesn’t love the sun.  While it warms us up it’s also a great source of vitamin D. Make sure that you play it safe by wearing sun screen when you head out but next time you are outside and it’s sunny…look up (with your eyes closed)…relax your head back…and smile.  Feel the warmth of the sun and be thankful for the light and warmth it provides.

THE POOL!!  What a fun place to spend time with your friends, family or even by yourself. It’s a great place to take a book or magazine and to hang out and relax.  Take in the smell of the chlorine and sun screen and smile.  The pool is a happy place all summer long.

ICE CREAM!!  Can we say “Mmm?”  Ice cream is the best especially on a hot summer day.  Eat it for dessert, for a snack or for a “just because” during the day. Ice cream also has dairy in it (among the sugar) so you could say you are getting your daily dairy requirement, even though it’s a little stretch. J Enjoy your ice cream with a fun topping or just plain and simple. Either way, smile as you eat it!  It’s delicious!

LONG DAYS!! It’s true that the “dog days of summer” mean long and usually hot days.  The days are longer due to the angle of the earth on its axis so enjoy every minute. With longer days there is more daylight to get out and go for a walk or exercise, meet a friend on a patio for dinner, go to a park or do just about anything you want to outside!  Since it stays lighter, longer, you won’t feel badly going to bed late!

FRESH PRODUCE!!  Farmers markets pop up all over cities during the summer with locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Enjoy these markets and next chance you drive by one, stop.  When you purchase food at these stands you are supporting local famers and the items are as fresh and organic as you can get.  They taste amazing!

While we didn’t cover dental topics this week I hope that have been able to smile when you read this post since that’s what summer is all about and that’s what having great teeth is all about!  Smiling to show them off.  If you have any questions about your teeth, feel free to call us!

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