St. Patrick’s Day Luck!

St. Patrick’s Day Luck!


Lucky You!

It’s hard to believe that springtime is nearly here.  After a rough winter we are ready to thaw out.  With the onset of spring comes our favorite green holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.  Many cities such as Dallas celebrate the holiday with parties, parades, 5K runs and festivals.  People will consume a lot of cabbage and corned beef, a traditional St. Patrick’s “lucky” meal and probably a lot of green tinted beer during the season.

Speaking of “luck”, I am taking a week off of writing strictly about our teeth but am going to entertain you with what luck means to our fellow citizens.  I will end with how you can make sure you maintain good oral “luck” as well!

Some people think of luck as getting their way or they might feel “lucky” when things work out for their benefit.  For example how many times have you outsmarted a police officer and talked your way out of a speeding ticket?  I bet you felt “lucky!”  Or have you ever scratched off a lottery ticket just to find that you have a winning number?  Hopefully you had more luck than I have had in the past!

Another way in which people feel lucky is through use of special accessories or items.  There might include rabbit’s tails that people rub to bring them good luck.  Or what about wearing a special necklace or bracelet or even lucky shirts or socks that will hopefully bring luck? I’m guessing you have a few things that fit this mold.

Now let’s talk about my favorite topic, the mouth!  How can you maintain good “luck” with your oral health?  Brush your teeth twice daily (typically morning and night), floss, use a mouthwash, limit your sugar intake, enjoy items high in calcium such as milk and dairy and limit your drinks such coffee and wine that stain your teeth. That doesn’t seem too bad, does it?  You can even wear your lucky shirt while doing all of these!

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