Steps to Prevent Injuries to the Teeth and Gums

Steps to Prevent Injuries to the Teeth and Gums

dentists dallasIf you are dedicated to visiting your dentist every six months and brushing and flossing every day to protect your oral health, you should also be taking steps to prevent injuries to the teeth and gums, which also can have a negative impact on you.

Dental trauma is a serious concern. It can lead to tooth loss or increase a patient’s risk of infection. As such, patients who are conscientious about their oral health should pay some attention to this aspect of it.

One way that you can prevent injuries to your teeth or gums is to use your teeth only for what they were designed to do. There’s a reason why dentists scold their patients for chewing on hard, non-food objects like pencils or fingernails. Doing so may break the teeth or cause lacerations on the gums. Patients who keep such habits may find that they end up needing a tooth restoration or some sort of treatment for the damaged gum tissue.

If you are an athlete, you can also protect your teeth by wearing a custom-designed mouthguard. Some people may opt for cheaper boil-and-bite varieties of mouthguards, but those appliances are not as effective at preventing dental trauma. In fact, some evidence suggests that a well-made athletic mouthguard can reduce the effects of concussions, too.

In other cases, an injury to the tooth or gums can be exacerbated by disease or decay. For example, a tooth that already has a large cavity may be more susceptible to breakage when it bites down on a hard object. That’s why, as always, keeping up with good oral hygiene habits is another important component of preventing dental injuries.

Patients shouldn’t disregard the possibility of dental injuries and trauma and their short-term and long-term consequences for oral health. At your next appointment, talk with your dentist to see if you should be doing anything else to reduce your risk of oral injuries.

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