Often, I like to blog about what’s going on in your mouth from teeth and brushing to the best and worst foods we eat when to support our oral healthcare.  One of the aspects involved in our mouth that we haven’t discussed, though, is our taste buds.  I bet you are curios how you can eat so many different kinds of foods and how they can taste so differently, though!

Let’s explore more about our taste buds, a major part of our mouth!

Taste buds are essentially tiny receptors on your tongue and in your mouth.  The receptors lie deep below the surface within pores.  Just as your skin has pores (for example that sweat comes out of), your tongue and mouth do too. Surprisingly, pores aren’t just on your tongue they are also in the back and on the sides of your mouth as well as within the inside of your cheeks.  No wonder when you taste something really yummy (or really badly) that taste is sensed all over the inside of your mouth.

Within the taste buds are receptors for various flavors like salty, sweet, bitter and sour.  When food that includes one of those flavors reaches these receptors, you “taste” it.  Or a combination of it.  Neat, huh?

So what can you do to make sure your taste buds are always functioning at maximum potential?

First, you can always maintain good oral hygiene.  This includes making sure you brush your teeth twice a day, use an oral rinse and floss your teeth. This also means maintaining good oral health with your dentist, like us!

Second, it’s also a good idea to brush your tongue.  While this can seem silly and unnecessary, it is actually a great way to get rid of excess bacteria in your mouth and to clear off your tongue from anything that might hinder your taste buds.

Lastly, be careful with very hot drinks and foods such a teas or coffee.  Anything that might burn your mouth and your taste buds and could leave you without a sense of taste for a bit.

Now that you know more about your taste buds, go one, try to put them to the test with some fancy foods!

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