Tips to Help In A Dental Emergency

Tips to Help In A Dental Emergency

emergency dentist DallasWe all experience dental emergencies some time in our lives, so it is good to be prepared. Knowing what to do until you reach the emergency dentist can mean the difference between saving a tooth or losing it, and some situations can become quite serious. Understanding how to properly handle these situations can help avoid complications and the need for more extensive treatment later. 

When a Tooth is Knocked Out

This is a dental emergency which requires immediate treatment because there is only a one-hour window in which the tooth may be saved. If the tooth is visibly dirty it may be rinsed with a warm saline solution, but it is important not to scrub it or remove any gum tissue that may be attached. You will also want to avoid touching the root of the tooth. It should be immersed in a cup of milk and transported with you for immediate care.

Facial Swelling

Swelling can be caused by an infection or a foreign body lodged somewhere in the oral cavity, like a poppy seed stuck between the tooth and gum tissue. First, take the time to floss gently. Removing plaque and small food particles will ease some of the pressure. Next, mix a tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water and rinse. Afterwards, you should apply a cold compress to the swollen area on the outside of the face. It will help reduce swelling and the associated discomfort until you receive treatment.

Other Emergencies

Other treatments like gentle flossing, salt water rinse and cold compress are going to help with many different dental emergencies, such as soft tissue injuries. In those cases, a gauze pad or moist tea bag may also be used to help with clotting.

Broken braces or wires can cause injuries in the mouth, but you should never cut them. It is best to cover them with dental wax or gauze until you reach the emergency dentist. A dental crown that comes out can be temporarily held in place with denture adhesive until it is treated.

Dental emergencies can be traumatic, and they are always unexpected. If you are experiencing any of these situations, or any other dental emergency, call our office at Dallas Dental Concierge immediately. You may even need to call on your way in.