How Is a Tooth Prepared for a Dental Crown?

How Is a Tooth Prepared for a Dental Crown?

dental crowns DallasA dental crown is a prosthetic which is commonly used to cover a damaged tooth. Most people experience damaged teeth at some time in their lives and some are more damaged than others. Saving a tooth from extraction is always a dentist’s primary goal. Dental crowns are used to cover, strengthen, and help align teeth. Since they are prosthetic, they can also greatly improve the appearance of teeth as well. So now that we are more familiar with dental crowns and their purpose, let’s look more closely at getting prepared to receive one.

Receiving a Dental Crown

Receiving a dental crown is most often done in two separate visits to the dentist. During the first visit, the tooth is prepared for the crown. The dentist will examine the tooth and determine if it is strong enough to support a crown. If it is, they will file the tooth down to the necessary shape. Then they will take an impression of the damaged tooth and those surrounding it. If the tooth seems weak, the dentist may decide to fill it in to reinforce it before moving on to the filing and impressions. During the filing and impressions, the area is typically numbed to prevent discomfort. Most often a temporary crown is put in place before you leave the office.

Between the two appointments, a dental laboratory will fabricate the crown to fit your exact specifications. You will be asked to return in approximately two weeks so the dentist can place the crown. Upon returning, your crown will be permanently cemented into place.

Dental Crowns Are a Long-Term Solution

Dental crowns are a permanent solution. With proper care, most dental crowns will last for many years and patients can enjoy a restoration that looks and functions like a natural tooth. To learn more about this service, call our team at Dallas Dental Concierge today. Our highly trained staff is always happy to help you explore your options concerning dental procedures. We want to help you achieve your best smile.