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If you have ever looked at your teeth and wanted to change their appearance, you are not alone.  It’s a very common occurrence.  Especially if you are a person that has damaged teeth due to stains, chipping (from possibly an accident of some sort), if you have had a root canal and have a “dead” tooth or if you have experienced any other dental concerns. There are several options to change the appearance of your teeth but a common choice is veneers.

What are veneers?  They are essentially caps that go over your teeth that are made of either porcelain or resin. Once they are put on they are permanent so they aren’t something you can change your mind on once applied, but they provide a great looking and natural look that many people like!

Veneers are typically put on teeth after a few visits.  A first visit would be to go to your dentist (hopefully that’s us) to talk about the veneer option. Once veneers are deemed a good fit for your teeth, the next step is to take measurements and to do a mold so they can be made.  Once that happens, you are ready to come in and have your veneers placed on your teeth!

The process to put veneers on your teeth isn’t painful but some patients do find that their teeth are more sensitive to hot or cold afterwards. Additionally, veneers are color matched to the color of your teeth so if you are interested in whiter teeth, you would need to bleach your teeth prior to the veneers being applied.

One con of veneers is that they need re-applied approx. every 5-10 years simply due to daily wear and tear.  This is the case with most dental work in your mouth.  Also, veneers are more costly then bonding, but the long term benefit of their maintenance and look in many cases outweigh the cost.

Veneers can be treated like your normal teeth!  They can be brushed with toothpaste, you can floss around them and you can enjoy life as usual. Veneers can help transition the smile and teeth you weren’t happy with to that beautiful smile you have always wanted. Interested in learning more?  Please come in to see us!

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