White As Snow!

White As Snow!

dental implants Highland Park

dental implants Highland ParkWe get it.  It’s winter and it’s cold outside.  You wake up in the morning to a weather forecast predicting another freezing day and there is one thing on your mind as you throw on your robe and slippers.  Coffee.  Your nice, warm cup o’ joe welcoming you to another day.  You pour yourself a cup and sit down to enjoy the paper and begin to sip.  It tastes so good, yet do you know how it’s affecting your teeth?  As you slurp down your cup, sip by sip, what’s going on inside your mouth?  What’s happening to your teeth?

How did my teeth get discolored?

Over time, your teeth slowly become stained by coffee and other things.  Coffee stains are stubborn.  They typically don’t disappear after brushing your teeth and can accumulate over time.  What else discolors teeth?

–       Certain antibiotics

–       The age of the tooth (sorry, over 50 can lead to teeth that discolor easier!)

–       Tea

–       Tobacco

–       Wine and / or Cola drinks in excess

Who bleaches their teeth?

Feel like you might be the only one out there needing to bleach your teeth to whiten your smile?  Not so!

In fact, bleaching has been around for a long, long time.  It is said that the ancient Romans tried urine and goat milk to try to make their teeth whiter.  Gross.  Don’t try that!

Good news is that bleaching has come a long way from that and it is quite popular among Americans. Since 2010, more than 100 million Americans spent more than $15 billion on cosmetic dentistry, according to Wikipedia.  That’s a whole lot of teeth and a whole lot of money!  Next time you see a stranger and smile to say “hi” and notice his or her pearly whites, just think, they are probably “bleaching” too!

How do I get rid of my discolored teeth?

There are a lot of types of bleaching type toothpastes in stores to try but did you know that here at Dallas Dental Concierge we offer various types of solutions to those darkening teeth?  Beaching toothpaste options can often seem to take months to work but through other options that we offer, you can start to see a whiter smile in no time!

Ready to go?

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