Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth


Have you heard of wisdom teeth?  Most of us have especially when we are in our late teens.  The reason we hear about them is because they sometimes cause us a lot of pain!

Why are they called wisdom teeth?  It’s because these teeth, which appear one in each corner of our mouth, don’t pop up until we are older and thought to be “wiser”, typically (as mentioned above) in our late teens or early 20’s. Wisdom teeth are the third molar and are typically large in size.  They are the last of your teeth to come in.

So where do wisdom teeth get their reputation of being a “pain”?  It’s because in these days our jaws are smaller in size than our men and women cavemen ancestors.  Because of that, our teeth and our molars don’t seem to fit as well.  When our wisdom teeth start to come in, they press against our other teeth causing our entire mouth of teeth to shift.  This shift is what can cause pain. This is why wisdom teeth are typically taken out or extracted.

When wisdom teeth are taken out, the process is quick and painless given that anesthesia is used.

Now it’s time to think about your own teeth. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?  Do you have any questions about having them removed?  Please contact us today.  We would love to talk with you about next steps in possibly getting them removed and how to have the best smile possible.

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