The best and worst for your teeth

The best and worst for your teeth

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Each day we consume lots of food with a lot of variety.  You might start your day with coffee and bowl of cereal for breakfast, a granola bar for a snack, a lunch made up of a sandwich, some candy for an afternoon snack, a dinner with meat or pasta and then dessert.  That’s a lot of food and a lot of different types of textures and tastes for your mouth!

Have you ever wondered if the foods you choose during the day are helping or hurting your teeth?  Have you thought about if the food you eat leaves behind any residue on your teeth?

This week we are looking at the best and worst foods that you can eat…from the prospective of your mouth.

Some of the BEST items for your mouth include the following:

  • Products full of dairy. Items such as milk, cheese and tofu are not only soft and easy to chew they support your bone growth that in turn supports your teeth.
  • Leafy green vegetables. These pop up on all of the “best foods” lists and there’s a reason.  They are full of vitamins and nutrients but they are calcium containing as well.  Similar to the note above about dairy, the calcium in vegetables such as broccoli supports your bone and general oral health.
  • Plain old water is a great choice for your teeth when you are thirsty. It’s tempting to reach for a soda, a glass of coffee or even a glass of wine at night but your teeth will thank you for grabbing  water instead.  Water won’t stain your teeth over time and it will not leave any residue on your teeth that might cause cavities down the road.

Some of the WORST items for your mouth include the following:

  • Dark beverages such as coffee, wine, tea, cola and juices. These beverages will in time stain your teeth and some of them such as juices or cola, contain sugar. The sugar can get in between your teeth and if not removed, can lead to cavities over time.
  • Sticky foods such as candies with caramel or dried fruits. Sticky foods do just what they are made to do, stick!  They stick to your teeth and if you have dental work (such as a filling) they can stick to that. If left on your teeth, the sticky substance (usually sugar) can in time cause cavities and tooth problems.
  • Hard foods such as hard candies and ice take a lot of jaw muscle to bite down on but they also cause a lot of pressure on your teeth. If you happen to bite down on a weak spot of your tooth, it could possible cause a chip. Try to go easy on the really hard foods!

Your mouth truly is an amazing machine.  While it can withstand a lot of pressure and variety, please try to be nice to it!  The next time you reach for your snack or meal, try to make sure it’s a choice that will also make your teeth happy. If you would like to talk more about smart food choices for your teeth and for your mouth, we are here for you! Please call us today.

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