The best and the worst

The best and the worst


The best and the worst for our teeth

Have you ever wondered what the best and the worst foods and items are for your teeth?  When you think about oral health, what products help and which ones hinder your teeth, gums and mouth?  Let’s take a look at both of those lists so the next time you are shopping for groceries or snacks you make the right decisions.

The worst of the worst.

Some of the worst foods and items should not be a huge surprise to you.

First, foods and drinks dark in color that can potentially stain your teeth such as tea, coffee and wine.

Second, sugary foods and drinks like soda, sports drinks, and juices.  All of the sugar in these drinks will ultimately sit on your teeth and contribute potentially to cavities.

Third, candy!  There are hard candies, chewy candy (that can pull out fillings or dental work) or gummy candies that are poor choices.

Lastly, acidic drinks or foods such as pickles or lemons.  The acid leads to destruction of the enamel on your teeth that can lead to other problems down the road.

The best of the best.

Some of the best things for your teeth include the following.

First, things like sugarless gum and water help rinse any unwanted “bad” sugars and debris off of your teeth to keep them healthy.

Second, dairy.  Things like cheese, milk, and yogurt and the like are full of calcium and vitamin D that in turn help build strong teeth (and bones). One note of caution, however, watch the sugar content in yogurt.  Sometimes one serving can have as much sugar as a candy bar!

Third, strawberries!  They contain a special acid that is a natural whitener for your teeth and they taste good (bonus!).

I hope the above lists help guide you next time you go shop and want to select some items that ultimately improve your oral health. Still have questions about your oral healthcare? Please contact us today!  We would be happy to help you!

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