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AcceleDent® offer Dallas Dental Concierge patients with an easy to use patient engagement application. Check out this video to learn more about the AcceleDent® app.


Speaker 1: Healthy, beautiful smiles faster with AcceleDent Optima.

Speaker 1: AcceleDent Optima is a state-of-the art, accelerated orthodontic device with a comprehensive suite of technology-driven features. It is intended for use during orthodontic treatment in conjunction with appliances such as braces and aligners to help facilitate tooth movement

Speaker 1: Added to treatment, AcceleDent Optima improves the orthodontic experience with faster tooth movement, reduced discomfort and an easy-to-use patient engagement application.

Speaker 1: The AcceleDent app utilizes well-known behavioral science techniques to effectively motivate positive behavior and transform your accelerated treatment. Use the AcceleDent app to check your dashboard for achievement progress, share with family and friends, connect with your doctor for important information and set up daily treatment reminders.

Speaker 1: We recommend setting up the app before using your device for the first time. The AcceleDent app can be found in the Apple app store or Google Play store. Follow specific steps recommended by your mobile device's manufacturer for downloading.

Speaker 1: Open the app and begin by tapping on register. Please enter your name and email address, and accept our Terms of Use. Make sure to use a name that your doctor will recognize. If you would like a copy of the Terms of Use for review at a later time, you may request a copy from AcceleDent customer service. Contact information for customer service is located in your app under support within AcceleDent packaging or on your charging case label.

Speaker 1: Not only can patients use the AcceleDent app, but family and friends can also use the app as observers to support your accelerated orthodontic treatment process. Observers need to register to use the app and be granted permission by the patient to view dashboard reports, achievements, and send words of encouragement from within the AcceleDent app.

Speaker 1: Patients, enter your profile information, including your AcceleDent start date. This date is important as it will be used to calculate your dashboard rank and achievements.

Speaker 1: The AcceleDent app works by connecting to your AcceleDent Optima via Bluetooth. Pairing initiates your AcceleDent warranty and unlocks all the great features the app has to optimize your treatment experience. To pair your AcceleDent Optima, allow the app to use your device's camera to scan the AcceleDent packaging barcode.

Speaker 1: Now that your AcceleDent Optima is paired, you will be able to use all the wonderful features of the app. Please start by inviting your doctor to connect with you and any family or friends with whom you would like to share your progress. Positive reinforcement from your support network can be motivating to achieve excellent usage goals.

Speaker 1: To add observers, tap on the Community tab in your app menu. You, your doctor and other observers can send and accept invitations to connect through the app. Observers can see the dashboard reports of an AcceleDent user by tapping on Usage History and choosing the patient's name. Words of encouragement can be sent by tapping on the Community tab. Explore the AcceleDent app for many great features to help improve your accelerated treatment.

Speaker 1: Find links to the notifications for the daily treatment reminder, directions for use and frequently asked questions under the Support tab in your main menu. The following is a brief description of each tab. In the AcceleDent app under My Usage, you will be able to view session history in a dashboard view or as a calendar.

Speaker 1: On the dashboard view, you will be able to see your overall usage percentage, which is your own achievement progress towards the goal of daily 20-minute sessions, your global ranking compared to all the other AcceleDent patients, and more usage details.

Speaker 1: On the calendar view, you will achieve a green circle for days that you used AcceleDent Optima for the recommended 20-minutes, orange for days with more than 20 minutes and red for days with less than 20 minutes of use. You will also be able to tap through each day to see the times of your previous treatment sessions.

Speaker 1: The information icon located on each page can also be accessed quickly as a reminder of when your last use and sync with the AcceleDent app occurred. On the achievement screen, you will see awards, you have earned and the awards that are still waiting for you to unlock.

Speaker 1: We suggest selecting a consistent time for use each day. This way using AcceleDent Optima becomes a routine, and you may be less likely to forget or miss a daily session. To set up a daily reminder in your AcceleDent app, navigate to the Support tab in your app and tap on Notifications. Make sure your notifications are on and select your preferred treatment reminder time. You will then receive a push notification every day at this time even if your app is turned off.

Speaker 1: For more information, please contact your orthodontist or visit acceledent.com. Thank you for trusting AcceleDent to partner in your accelerated orthodontic journey.