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What Are Dental Implants?

Addressing missing teeth is critical to the total health and function of your smile. To allow Dallas, TX individuals to enjoy an attractive smile after having extracted or lost teeth, cosmetic dentist Dr. Melisa Christian is thrilled to offer high-quality dental implants to achieve tooth restoration. A fixed implant consists of a sturdy screw that serves as a substitute tooth root while a customized dental crown, bridge, or full-arch denture serves to replace the visible portion of the missing tooth (or teeth). If you've experienced tooth loss or require tooth removal, set up a dental exam at Dallas Dental Concierge and find out about your fixed implant options.

What Is the Treatment Process?

The treatment for dental implants consists of the surgical positioning of the screw and the attachment of a natural-looking dental restoration (like full-arch dentures, crowns, and bridges). When the area is prepared for treatment, it is desensitized with anesthesia. Oral-conscious or IV techniques can also be used to let you feel more relaxed throughout your session. The fixed post will be strategically positioned within your bone at the proper spot and granted time to fuse with the bone via a process known as osseointegration. As soon as the implant site has completely healed (which can take around six months), Dr. Christian will place a specially made crown, denture, or full-arch restoration and assess the alignment of the jaw.

Lifelike Results for Your Smile

Thanks to the progress made in modern dental technology, there is an array of approaches to address missing teeth with the natural visual appeal and function of fixed implants. Dr. Christian is excited to offer implant-supported denture, crown, and bridge solutions as efficient tooth replacements to Dallas, TX men and women. To discover your opportunities for restoring extremely decayed or missing teeth, set up your appointment at Dallas Dental Concierge at your earliest convenience.

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