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What Is Scaling and Root Planing?

If gum disease has progressed to the middle or later stage, known as periodontitis, skilled dentist Dr. Melisa Christian could offer scaling and root planing (SRP) treatments. Scaling and root planing is a well-known periodontal disease solution that eradicates buildup, tartar, and dangerous bacteria from underneath your gums. To perform this procedure, our skilled Dallas, TX dental professionals even out the outer portions of the tooth roots within periodontal pockets with precise dental instruments. SRP can produce a desirable environment for your gumline and help stop the progression of gum disease. If you've noticed any of the telltale signs of periodontal disease, schedule an appointment at Dallas Dental Concierge to learn how scaling and root planing can help.


SRP treatment at our Dallas, TX office is commonly performed in quadrants of the mouth over a period of 1 – 4 sessions. To make sure that you stay relaxed and calm, Dr. Christian could numb your mouth with a mild anesthetic. Sedation may also be available if you feel nervous when receiving oral care. When you are ready to get started, one of our hygienists will use an ultrasonic root scaler and fine instruments to precisely eliminate buildup and plaque from your periodontal pockets. Your tooth root surfaces will then be evened out (planed) to reduce the regions where harmful bacteria might collect. Locally delivered antibiotics might also be placed down into the gum pockets to enhance oral health and slow down bacterial accumulation.

Stop the Progression of Gum Disease

Thanks to advancements in the oral care field, it's easier to take care of and eliminate the issues caused by gum disease. At Dallas Dental Concierge, our team offers nonsurgical scaling and root planing treatments to address the periodontitis stage of gum disease and help prevent its worsening. Schedule a periodontal evaluation with Dr. Christian at her Dallas, TX office, or ask our team for more information about scaling and root planing.

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