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What is Fontana LightWalker?

While there are a number of specialized lasers that can be used around the mouth, the Fontana LightWalker is the only one with patented quantum square pulse (QSP) technology, affording it much greater results when interacting with both hard and soft tissues. These make it much more comfortable, fast, and effective than many of its competitors. At Dallas Dental Concierge, we utilize the LightWalker to improve lip volume, eliminate wrinkles around the mouth, and even treat symptoms of sleep apnea. Visit our office in Dallas, TX, today to learn more about the fastest-cutting erbium laser on the market — as well as the many procedures it provides — from Dr. Melisa Christian or another member of our experienced staff.

What Procedures Can the Fontana LightWalker Perform?

Though there are many benefits associated with the LightWalker, here are three primary procedures associated with the device:

LipLase: This procedure is designed to enhance the body's natural production of collagen in the lips. In turn, the lips fill out in volume, giving patients with thin lips a much more desirable appearance. To achieve the best results, we usually recommend about 2 – 3 treatments that each take around 30 minutes to perform. These sessions will be scheduled about 21 days apart from each other in order to allow for healing and continued collagen production in the area. Many patients find this to be a desirable alternative to injectable lip fillers due to its completely noninvasive nature.

NightLase: Patients suffering from sleep apnea often don't know where to turn to combat their symptoms. Fortunately, NightLase is a simple and fast procedure that can tighten the tissues within the throat, reducing snoring and keeping the airways open throughout the sleep cycle. Patients usually will need to undergo anywhere from 3 – 5 sessions before they will notice the peak results of the procedure. After this, we usually recommend scheduling maintenance sessions about once every 12 – 18 months in order to ensure sustained results.

SmoothLase: Unfortunately, as we age, our body often starts to form wrinkles, especially around the mouth. However, SmoothLase is a noninvasive procedure that is able to tighten tissue on the inside and outside of the mouth, alleviating these wrinkles and restoring the youthful appearance of your face. 

If you want to smooth out mild to moderate wrinkles around your mouth, ask our team about Smoothlase therapy. Smoothlase can tighten your oral tissues, including inside your mouth, to improve your appearance and make you look younger. Sleep apnea symptoms caused by loose oral tissues may also be relieved or reduced due to the tightening effect of tissues in the mouth.

State-of-the-Art Laser Technology

Dallas Dental Concierge is proud to be the home of the Fontana LightWalker, as well as a host of other groundbreaking devices. Our talented team has countless years of experience utilizing these devices to help our patients reach their goals when it comes to health and cosmetics. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Melisa Christian in Dallas, TX.

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